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Venturing into ecommerce: a construction supplier success story

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Hartlepool, UK

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n our collaboration with Jonny, a prominent building supplier, we embarked on a transformative journey to bring his business vision to life. Jonny sought a dynamic online platform to showcase and sell his extensive range of products and services. Together, we meticulously crafted a tailored plan that aligned with Jonny's vision, resulting in the creation of a robust e-commerce website.

Catapulted revenue, resulting in a remarkable 100% increase in sales within the first year.

Cart abandonment rates plummeted to an industry-leading low of 10%

The site continues to deliver consistent growth, with a steady 20% monthly increase in revenue.

The website saw a rise in search engine rankings, leading to a 300% increase in online visibility.

Showcasing of an eCommerce website for a building supplier.

Overcoming obstacles on the way to success

During Jonny's e-commerce project, we encountered and effectively resolved various challenges. One notable hurdle was the integration of a complex third-party inventory management system, which initially caused synchronisation issues, leading to product availability discrepancies. To tackle this, we engaged in close collaboration with the system provider, devising a custom API solution that seamlessly synchronised inventory data in real-time. This not only resolved the issue but also improved overall system efficiency.

Method to the creativity

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