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Our journey with Sean began when he approached us with a clear goal in mind: to significantly boost traffic to his website organically. To accomplish this, we devised a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly combined effective SEO techniques with a strong focus on reputation management. Recognizing Sean's specific target audience of homeowners throughout the North East, we recommended our Plus package (regional) to precisely align with his business objectives. Our journey kicked off with a deep dive into the technical aspects of his website. We meticulously rectified any issues and optimized every facet of the site to give it a competitive edge. Once the groundwork was laid, we set our sights on elevating Woods Removals & Storage to new heights.

Boosted overall website traffic by 150% in three months

Increased customer reviews by 100+

Top of the search engines for industry competitive keywords

Advanced analytics helped the company tailor their services, increasing sales by 30%.

Boosted Overall Website Traffic by 150% in Three Months

In just three months, our concerted efforts bore fruit as we witnessed a remarkable 150% surge in overall website traffic. This impressive achievement underscored the effectiveness of our SEO campaign and reputation management strategies.

They really helped my company grow organically, I have another company I will definitely be using them again. Cheers Kingsgate.
Sean Wood
Woods Removals & Storage

Top of the search engines for industry competitive keywords

Our journey towards securing the top position on search engines for industry-competitive keywords was not just a challenge; it was a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. Moreover, it wasn’t solely about reaching the summit; our goal was to stay there and thrive.

To achieve this, we meticulously delved into technical SEO optimization, leaving no stone unturned. We addressed every technical intricacy, ensuring that every aspect of Woods Removals & Storage’s online presence was fine-tuned for peak performance. This comprehensive approach laid a solid foundation for our ongoing SEO efforts.

Keyword optimization formed another crucial pillar of our strategy. Through extensive research, we identified the most sought-after keywords in the removals industry. Strategically, we wove these keywords into the fabric of the website, seamlessly integrating them into impactful headings and engaging content.

Our SEO-optimized blogs played a pivotal role in continually reinforcing our chosen keywords. Not only did these blogs provide valuable information to visitors, but they also served as a powerful tool to bolster our overall SEO strategy.

Simultaneously, our reputation management efforts were in full swing. We implemented an automated review feedback survey to ensure that Sean’s customers were not only satisfied but ecstatic about the service they received. This unwavering commitment to excellence and transparency ultimately led to Sean’s company becoming the most reputable removals company in the North East. In essence, our approach wasn’t solely about ranking high; it was about being the best.

Comprehensive Market Research

Delved deep into understanding competitive keywords and competitors, which shaped our SEO strategy.

The Correct SEO Strategy

Through planning and discussions with Sean we both came up with a plan that suited him and what was best to acheive his goals.

Effective Communication

Establishing effective communication was beneficial, as it facilitated easy interaction between both parties.

Performance Analytics

Monitored and analysed key performance metrics to continually optimize the digital marketing strategy, ensuring the maximum return on investment for Sean.

Method to the creativity

Discover how we transform your ideas into digital solutions through our efficient work process.

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